Netherlands Amsterdam

25 Oct 18:30
B. Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 763a 1066 VH Amsterdam , 1066 VH
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Event organiser:
Andrea Bosboom

The Netherlands Alumni Club is delighted to invite alumni to the Worldwide Alumni Celebration 2016 in Amsterdam, which will take place later than main WAC day, on Tuesday 25 October.

First of all, we are happy to welcome our special guest speaker this year, Costas Markides, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Costas will talk about "how the technologies of the social era are changing how we do business". It will be a chance to re-think your strategy, with plenty of room for Q&A.

Secondly, to illustrate Costas' points, we've managed to secure a very special venue: B.Amsterdam. B. is a co-working hotspot / Tech Hub / Startup ecosystem, where corporates work together with the very start-ups that try to disrupt them. It's home to 250 companies, including IBM's Watson, Heineken, and StartupBootcamp. It features the largest roof terrace in the city, and is housed in the former IBM Headquarters. To make things even better, B. is easily accessible by car, with lots of parking, and conveniently located on the Schiphol side of town. I rest my case. We'll start the evening with a tour through the building.

Programme details:

18:00 Welcome
18:30 Tour of the building
19:30 Costas' talk + Q&A
20:30 Dinner at Bureau
22:00 End

Cost per person: 55 euro's for the full programme, 20 euro's if you can't stay for dinner. Please transfer this amount into this account: NL52 ABNA 0400 5890 60, Andrea Bosboom.

Please sign up using this link.

Hope you can join us, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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