Kuwait Kuwait City

28 Sept 19.00 - 22.30
Dar Hamad
Gulf Road, Kuwait
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Event organiser:
Sulaiman Al-Rubaie MBA2008

Worldwide Alumni Celebration (WAC) is London Business School’s most global alumni event, and has been running since 2005. Every year, around 100 WACs take place in cities big and small, making it your chance to join the celebration, wherever you are.

The Kuwait Alumni Chapter has been celebrating the WAC for many years and we are aiming to have our 2017 to be the biggest ever celebrated in Kuwait. Make sure to join us for a fun night together.

The Kuwait WAC will take place in the amazing Dar Hamad, one of the top restaurants in Kuwait. There will be cover charge of around KD 23 (US$70 + paypal fees) per person and includes dinner. Feel free to invite your significant other to join us in this fun night.

Book your places: as this event is fixed seating, all entry tickets will be paid online and the last date to purchase your ticket is September 24th to assure guranteed seating.

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