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15 Nov 19.30
Leipzigerstr. 43 (next Zalando HQ), Bockenheim, Frankfurt am Main
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Kevin Martin EMBAGA2014

Please join us for our annual LBS WAC 2017 Alumni event at 7.30 PM, Nov 15, 2017 about the
„Art as a Product– Art Investments in Times of Inflation” at the beautiful venue in the hip area
around Leipziger Straße in Bockenheim, Frankfurt.

Mr. Mario Terés and Mrs. Julia Loytved early recognized that art has its market in the low-price
segment and founded as place for affordable art in 1998. At the beginning,
galleries laughed at their efforts, established artists were skeptical imagining their precious
paintings in a wooden box and some even refused to paint for- in their eyes - ridiculously low
prices as 59 EUR p. piece. But within ten years, the business turned into an international
corporation with venues in Marburg, Frankfurt, Wien, Salzburg, Sylt, and lately even China,
covering more than 150 artists from all over Europe and Asia. Today, is
widely considered a springboard for upcoming artists and they compete fiercely for space in their
venue. Mr. Tores still remembers one artist who’s painting is worth today more than 100 times
the price it was back ten years ago in

Therefore, please join us to discover with Mr. Terés and Mrs. Loytved, learn
about how they spot quality, skill and potential in upcoming artists, get insights in the economics
of art, and what it takes to speculate or invest in the art market. We also welcome and encourage
thoughtful questions and inquiries into their business model and the reasons for their success.

Looking forward to seeing you, your family, partners and guests,

London Business School thanks Kunstsupermarkt and Oakland Capital for sponsoring venue, drinks and finger food to our alumni and their guests.

If you would like to join this event, please send confirmation to until Nov 7, 2017. Please also mention your guest’s full name. Please note guest lecture will be in German.

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