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27 Sep

18:30 - 21:30

Amazon Web Services, Level 37, 2 Park Street | Sydney NSW 2000

-33.8726651, 151.2076409

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We are delighted to invite alumni to attend this year’s Sydney Worldwide Alumni Celebration. 

The evening will feature a presentation from Managing Director of Amazon Web Services, Paul Migliorini. Paul will speak about how Amazon maintains a relentless focus on building a ‘Day 1 business’ culture which innovates at scale for customers.

“One thing I love about customers is that they are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static – they go up. It’s human nature” (Jeff Bezos, April 2018).

Amazon is a company of builders and pioneers, a company which makes bold bets and gets energy from inventing on behalf of customers. For Amazon, this means that it is always Day 1. A world where past results do not guarantee future success, so it's always important to strive, innovate, and be open to change. 'Day 1 principles' such as customer obsession, avoiding proxies, embracing tailwinds and high velocity decision making, allow Amazon to maintain a culture which drives innovation at scale.

So much has been written about Amazon’s rate of innovation that it’s exciting to have one of their ANZ executives speak at an LBS function. We’ve asked Paul to give some insight into how Amazon creates mechanisms which maintain the Day 1 Principles; how they are lived, challenged and managed inside of Amazon. Paul will talk to two of these mechanisms, the 14 Leadership Principles (or LP’s) that include Customer Obsession, Earn Trust and Think Big and the Amazon Working Backward process.

The presentation will be followed by drinks and canapes in Amazon’s offices. Partners and guests are welcome.

The event is organised by the Australia (Sydney) Alumni Club. To find out the latest about events in Sydney, make sure you're signed up to the club on Portal.